Illinois Supreme Court Creates Access to Justice Commission

On June 13th, the Illinois Supreme Court announced the creation of the Illinois Supreme Court Access to Justice Commission. This is wonderful news for the ATJ community; as one of the most populous states, increased attention to access to justice issues in Illinois stands to benefit a great many people.

The new commission will, among other things, consider: the adoption of standardized forms to ease the burden of comprehension on pro se litigants; means to increase access to effective and affordable legal aid; increasing access to persons of limited English proficiency; and solutions to the problem of physical access to justice for those in rural or otherwise inaccessible areas.

The commission has been established, and its mission codified, by a new Illinois Supreme Court Rule: Article X. By joining the 26 other states that have established similar ATJ commissions, Illinois has brought us all that much closer to ensuring equal access to justice for all.