Frequently Asked Questions

What is this website’s purpose?

Access to Justice (ATJ) Web seeks to help guide the development of technology to help those in need. Through the ATJ Technology Principles we can use technology to give everyone fair access to the justice system a reality in Washington State and beyond. ATJ Web is part of the effort started by the Access to Justice Board, which was created by the Washington State Law Board.

What are the ATJ Technology Principles?

These Access to Justice Technology Principles were developed by the Access to Justice Board to assure that technology enhances rather than diminishes access to and the quality of justice for all persons in Washington.

What can I do to help?

If you have 30 seconds
Tell someone about
Link to

If you have 5 minutes
Speak Up. Send us a comment on the site, or send us content for the site.

If you have 15 minutes
Join In. Add your expertise to ours and help us improve the Principles.

If you have 30 minutes
Add to the RSS feed, comment on a resource or help write about examples of the Principles in action.

If you have an hour
Lend a Hand. By helping start the communities of practice. The next step in making the Principles a reality is creating a legal community that is aware of and connected to the Principles.

If you want to jump in the deep end
Contact us to work on a weekly or monthly project such as updating the RSS Feed, speaking in public about the Principles, or integrating them into a project you or your colleagues are working on.