Contracting Into the Tech Principles

To properly implement the ATJ Tech Principles, they must be part and parcel of all the interactions between the justice system and technology providers. Whether these interactions occur internally, as between government agencies, or externally with third-party providers, the Principles should be a fundamental element of the agreements created. To that end, we have published a model contract clause, available on the Implementation section of this site, which would help embed the Principles into the very foundations of a technologically augmented justice system.

The model clause states the overarching goals of the Tech Principles, and requires that contractors actively consider them when creating their technology plans. The clause ensures a continuing engagement with the Principles by also requiring biennial updates; as technology evolves, it is important that all parties’ understanding and application of the Principles evolves as well.

This model clause reflects an understanding that the concerns behind the Principles must inform every stage of the development of technology for the justice system. It is our hope that such clauses, in concert with other implementation initiatives, will help turn the Principles into a sine qua non of all justice-related technologies.